Dark Houses - Atlanta

This project is to make photographs of Atlanta stages that have gone darkā€”in the state that they were left when lockdowns forced the houses to close. The goal is to bring awareness that because theater is a live art-form, performers, stagehands and craftspeople basically cannot work and they and their companies/communities/houses need help as well. While theater has survived many plagues, social unrest and economic crises in its 2,500 years, it will need community help to survive all three at the same time.

Visualizing the need to those not directly impacted will make other efforts more effective and the more houses and stages we can get, the better the story. For those stages that still have one, the hope has been to use just the ghost light or whatever safety lights are left on and whatever set (or works) was in place when performers and crew had to bug out.

These photographs may include works and designs that are copyrighted by others; used with permission. #darkhousesatlanta