Dad's Garage

569 Ezzard St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Resident Company(ies) Dad's Garage
Seats 200

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Dad's Garage ( (Photographed July 23, 2020)

Ok, you won’t find a car in Dad's Garage Theatre Company. Oops. Oh, wait. Yes you will! Jon Carr is the amazing artistic director. (Sorry, Jon, couldn’t pass that one up).

If there was ever a hall of fame for community support for professional theatre, DG would definitely be in it. Go to their website (linked off of their #darkhousesatlanta page below) and read their story, but a hint, I remember when they were on Elizabeth St and had to leave their building so it could be torn down (“progress”), spent some time getting stronger at 7 Stages and through the strength of their community, bought their “forever home” on Ezzard St in the sold Fourth Ward.

Dad’s runs shows 52 weeks out of the year, so not being “in the house” has hit them hard. But meh, what’s a pandemic compared to the other challenges of the last 7 or 8 years? Leave it to a bunch of incredibly talented improvisers to make the pivot to online shows on Twitch and the DGTV YouTube channel. On-line improv is really hard, as improve thrives on audience feedback, but DG pulls it off masterfully.

I’m also proud to have known a couple members of Dad’s when they were students performing with DramaTech Theatre and Let's Try This!

Originally posted to Facebook, September 3, 2020