Wayne and Betty's Legacy Portraits

October 17, 2021

Meet Wayne and Betty Lester. The Lesters were mainstays in their suburban Atlanta neighborhood--original owners of the largest lot in the subdivision! When Wayne retired from the conveyor belt business, he took up golfing and gardening and was extremely proud of his garden, working on it night and day until at the age of 87, he just ran out of steam and simply couldn't any more.

Wayne was diagnosed with myeloma in August of 2019 and given three months to live by his doctors.

When we scheduled his and Betty's Legacy Portrait Session in April, 2020, he was still proud to be proving the doctors wrong, and while he had had to give up golf, he was still working every day on his garden. He also drove himself to chemotherapy, since due to the pandemic, Betty couldn't go with him. Of course our session was in their garden--where else would he want to be remembered in?


Wayne fought his myeloma for 16 months, un til Christmas of 2020. It wasn't the disease, but rather the cure that finally took its toll on him. He and Betty were married for 66 years and had 3 children and 9 grandchildren. That's quite a legacy! And they will always be remembered by their loved ones with their Legacy Portraits from Michael Boatright Photography!