Dean Dull Black Box, DramaTech Theatre

349 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

Resident Company(ies) DramaTech Theatre
Seats ~70 (black box)

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DramaTech Theatre (Photographed July 3, 2020)

This is a “ghost light.” It is said that the ghost of the Ancient Greek, “Thespis” (the first recorded actor to deliver lines) haunts the stages and houses of dark theatres. Theater tradition has it that “ghost lights” were left on to keep the specter and his friends at bay, perhaps limiting them to reciting lines from “The Scottish Play” and keeping them from causing serious havoc. Of a more practical matter, today, it keeps the light burning until we can safely return to the house’s seats.

In most houses in Atlanta, and perhaps throughout the country, the only players are the ghosts. They whistle and wail and scream “Line!” whilst the rest of the community waits outside for the chance to come in and finish their runs, start their tech rehearsals or finish blocking.

How can you help? Visit the webpage of a theater you’ve patronized. Tell them you care. Send them a buck or two. But a ticket for a future-yet-to-be-produced-show and donate it back. Call your congressperson or senator and remind them that theater people are almost all self-employed—they know what that means.

Originally posted on Facebook, July 26, 2020