Horizon Theatre

1083 Austin Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Resident Company(ies) Horizon Theatre Company
Website www.horizontheatre.com
Seats 172

These photographs may include works and designs that are copyrighted by others; used with permission. #darkhousesatlanta

Horizon Theatre (Photographed July 16, 2020)

Irving Berlin wrote—and Ethel Merman sang—“There’s no people, like show people.” Today, I’m shooting my 21rst and 22nd houses (and a couple of pretty cool ones, I might add) and I’m struck by the warm reception that I have received from the entire theater community for this project. It is overwhelming and heartwarming! One of the best (and they’ve all been great) experiences I’ve had on this project was shooting the Horizon Theatre—one of Atlanta’s treasures.

Lisa and Jeff Adler founded Horizon in 1983 in Little Five Points, making it also one of Atlanta’s oldest companies.

Jeff opened the doors for me—and after being home for several weeks with Lisa and her mom, was happy to have some socially distancing male companionship! We really hit it off (if youve every heard Jeff’s or my bad jokes, you can imagine the scene).

The cool thing about the images from the Horizon is that you get to see how the “sausage” of the theater is made. Horizon was between shows when lockdown hit, and they were in construction for their next production. Set design is a real art form, but if you’ve ever seen a set days before opening night, you know construction can be a chaotic and messy craft!

But what a story this scene tells—quite literally, things had to be left in place and every one had to bug out! Nothing says “dark theater” like the padlock and chains of a couple of these images.

This is a truly wonderful space. I look forward—with community help—to seeing a show here soon!

Originally posted on Facebook, August 3, 2020