Synchronicity Theatre

1545 Peachtree St NE #102, Atlanta, GA 30309

Resident Company(ies) Synchronicity Theatre
Seats 140

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Synchronicity Theatre (Photographed July 17, 2020)

Synchronicity Theatre is in one of the strangest of locations for a theater in Atlanta: on the ground floor of an office building in Pershing Pointe on Peachtree Street, along with marketing companies and stockbrokers and across the street from WSB TV/Radio studios!

Not where one would expect to go to find “Smart, gutsy, bold, theater.”

It’s also just a mile down the street from my studio in the Buckhead Arts District, which is frankly a non sequitur, but none-the-less, afforded me the luxury of having lunch at the studio, photographing a really cool venue and up I-85 before Friday afternoon traffic got bad.

Synchronicity was in it’s second week of “Wayfinding” by Whitney Rowland when the theatre had to close due to the COVID19 crisis. Properties were carefully piled onto a medical gurney on stage and things were pretty much the same on July 18th—when they opened the doors so that I could make photographs for this #darkhousesatlanta project—as they were the second week of March.

There has been an eerie quietness and loneliness in all of these dark houses that makes me long for the hustle and bustle of patrons taking their seats just before the house goes black for the show to open.

Originally posted to Facebook, August 9, 2020