Core Dance

519 N McDonough St, Decatur, GA 30030

Resident Company(ies) Core Dance
Seats ~50 (two studios with folding chairs)

These photographs may include works and designs that are copyrighted by others; used with permission. #darkhousesatlanta

Core Dance ( (Photographed July 20, 2020)

Core Dance has been a part of the Atlanta Dance Scene for 35 years and a part of downtown Decatur for as long as I can remember.

One might ask, “Why a dance studio in the #darkhousesatlanta project?” Well, for one thing—they asked! For another, the Core Dance Studios isn’t just a dance studio. The have room in each of their two main studios (one wood floor and one marlay) for a sizable audience—at least 50 people and they do perform as well as work in their studios.

Besides the sheer beauty of the space, I was impressed how careful they were to be able to provide a safe space for their dancers to work and take/teach classes. Note in one of the photos the table of cleaning supplies for each dancer to use to clean the space for the next one to come in and use safely.

Core also does something very unique: they have installed scrims in the street front windows with rear-projection equipment and they show recorded programs to the passing pedestrians on the Decatur Square.

Performance technology has evolved over the millennia, and will be a key ingredient in the recovery of our industry.

Originally posted to Facebook, August 28, 2020