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Whether it’s landing new customers or blue ribbons, the way to stay ahead of the pack in photography is to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Want to stay relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence: DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

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The New New Thing!

Who knew that instant film cameras like Instax and Polaroid would be sold at Target and Amazon? Who would have thought that last fall, the NBC Evening News with Lester Holt would have an entire segment piece about young photographers ditching sterile and boring Instagram photos for the “fresh” look of film photography? Suddenly, film is back in vogue - it is the "New New Thing" in photography!

Unleash Your Superpower!

This all comes at a very exciting time in photography, that, along with a resurgence of all things analog (seen how many new titles on vinyl are for sale at Target lately?) is feeling pressure from new digital technologies such as AI. Master Photographer*, Michael Boatright took these messages to heart and in 2021, decided to tilt his creative portraiture and fine art business back to its roots using film photography. He took back creative control of his images away from the microprocessors that had been making all the decisions for him, unleashing his dormant artistic powers, using his studio bathroom as a simple darkroom. Yeah, he still shoots some documentary work using his DSLR, but even that got better after switching his brain into the magical world of analog photography!

Join Michael on September 11, 2023 from 8:30am to 4:30pm for a workshop sure to be chocked full of nuggets useful to both the film photographer as well as to the primarily digital exposer. It will be well worth your time! And if you are a PPA member, you receive a merit for participating in the workshop. Click here to register: Join the Film Movement!.

Items to Bring

  • An analogue ("film") camera–and a roll of film (or two) it you have one (cameras and film will be available)–anything that uses film is OK, whether it’s a simple point and shoot to something fancy, it does not matter - and if you want, you can take it home with you after the workshop!
  • A light meter or light meter app if you have one.
  • Note-taking materials.
  • Any other analog equipment (changing bag, developing tanks, cameras, light meters, etc.) that you would like some extra practice/guidance using.

* Master of Photography, Professional Photographers of America